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 Kelly and Nate  Nate, NKA Teddy with his favorite lady Kelly

Lilly in her new home

LillyBlue and Kathy
Blue and his new lady Kathy

Jesse & family
Jesse and his new family!

Chip Pemm  Chip (Pemm) and his lady love Marie!

 Randy Loretta Moon Know I   

Randy & Loretta with their kids Moon and Know I

LJ and Pat LJ aka Apache with his new lady and Buddy

 Emmy Debbie 3   EMMY with her new FOREVER family


 Shadow and new buddy Clver new friend


Shadow and her new Buddy                                                Clover and her new Buddy


 Maria and her babies Maria Roosters


Maria with her new babies                                        A few roosters that found their new home with our Placement Assist Program 




Tracy & MosesMoses and his new momma Tracy




  Fabian aka Tonka FABIAN AKA TONKA with his new buddy!


Brooke & Remington    Remington and his new girl Brooke            
  Katie & Trent               Katie with her new guy Trent


Cheech      Cheech and his buddy Brianna



 Mary's Cool Million 4
 Marys Cool 2Mary's Cool Million






legend and Leigh          Legends Key and her Mom Leigh      Hare and TracyHares Love and Partner Tracy




   Megan and Spirit

 Megan and her best friend Spirit  


 work of art     Work of Art at his first show              Ms. Daisy

   Miss Daisey and her very own fans




Marcus and Ryan home from a trail ride

  Connie & Zippy new       

                                                                      Zippy and Connie


 Gizzy            doseit


 Gizzy and Leilani                                                                           Does-it and her new best friend Heather



ED and Applejack Edward and Loretta

 Edward is finally home                                        Edward 's warm welcome from Applejack and Tom                  



  errin and chizzle




                                                                                         Missy and Logan





Silvio and Cambell                                                                                   MISSY and her new family Logan

    Maggie Mae   Maggie Mae and her new best friend  


G And Elainea


"G" it didnt take long to steal their hearts and become one of the family



     Robin & Haley

                   Haley and Robin-True friends trust each other  






Loretta     Kohl & Loretta

                                                       Summer & Kohl and their favorite lady Loretta






Amos    Linda & Sterling  

 Amos (left) in his new home.                                          Sterling with his new lady Linda






Pam and Sparky Claire and Simin

  Pam with her new man SPARKY                                            Claire and her new friend SIMON



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